Sliding Patio Doors with Hidden Electric Blinds

Bad news for lovers of handles, as it is in trend to hide them and integrate them even more in closet doors and furniture. And why will they stop wearing? Because the idea is that they look like one more piece of furniture in the living room. This is a consequence of the trend in which kitchens open to the living room, the so-called "open space", we discussed this trend last year. This concept refers to wide, open and absent partitions kitchens. #kitchens

Diese moderne Küche bietet eine harmonische Farb- und Materialkombination mittels ultra-hochglänzenden Lackfronten in Weiß und warmen Eiche Sommerset Nachbildungen. #kuchnia # κουζίνα # اشپزخانه #cocina

Looking for some kitchen inspiration? Take a look at our stylish built-in appliances with plenty of advice and measuring guides just for you.

General vision of the social area of ​​the house. Integrated rooms with direct connection, American kitchen (also integrated, more reserved), mobile planned for embarking on the way to make use of the space. Gostaram? #pedireitoduplo #salasintegradas #cozinhaamericana

YES WE CAN | if you have an odd shaped room and are having trouble getting the right design to fit. Look no further! As you can see, this kitchen has many angles and is certainly quirky. Our team will work with you to design your kitchen, the way you need it. Our fitters are truly fantastic and as a team we work together to get you only the best result. #kitchendesign

In erster Linie familienfreundlich, das Modell Flash in Magnolia Hochglanz und die Arbeitsplatte in Rusty Nb. # einbauküche # küche # küchenliebe # küchen

Beautiful color schemes in these kitchens! Which is your favorite? Sign up for my email alerts if you want help to find your next home with a perfect kitchen! #kitchencabinets #homeanddesign #lorijonesteam


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